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From the Ashes Reviews: Universe X #10

Oh, I suppose I should give spoiler warnings. Warning: Spoilers ahead. And upcoming. If it's a review, shouldn't you be expecing spoilers? I tend to not get into the big stuff.

After a few issues, reviews of this comic become redundant, I've noticed. More nifty art and colouring, some rather big ideas that tend to be scattered about and don't really come together until the end draws near. Which it is.

Much like Earth X before it, this has been a slow series, with a lot of disparate, disconnected ideas. Now that we have reached this point though, you can see all those threads coming together, and rather well. I've been rereading the previous issues, and it reads a lot better in a smaller time-frame, and it's easier to notice all the foreshadowing on a second viewing. Kinda like some movies and tv shows that are better the second time through, once you know how it all ties together.

My big complaint is that a lot of these big ideas read like something you would find in bad fanfic. It's all in the execution.

Some of the good bits from this issue are the revelation of Belasco's identity, Immortus becoming Kang, and the Daredevils.
"Tis as hot in here as Hela's own bosom!" "Uh... You're a girl now, Thor. We don't say things like that." Thor and Venom.

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