Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


So, I'm cruising around the 'net and swing over to Seibertron, a Transformers website, where they've put up on their main page a damnation of the new movie's Megatron design, rebutting it with how Megatron is supposed to be.

It was amusing, and I get their point, but then I realised something.

Showing fifty bajillion DIFFERENT versions of Megatron as the "true" Megatron, as a rebuttal against ONE Megatron is...silly.

If there's so many completely different versions, what's one more? You can't say it's not Megatron, because there's one true version...and then not say there's one true version.

That said, I'm a bit iffy on the movie designs, but this attempt kinda fails.

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