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Everything's Relative

*grabs head*

Sister came up to visit, since there's no one she knows down by her anymore, they all moved away, and I'm starting to think that's not a bad idea...

Her kid is whiny to the Nth degree, and if I hear "Why?" one more time, or the same question asked over and over again, I may hurt people. I'm not a kid person, really. ;)

I've just returned from a trip, I've got a bunch of stuff sitting on the DVR, both for myself, and to be reocrded off to DVDs for my parents to have stuff to watch in the bedroom when they head off to sleep. I *have* to get this stuff off the DVR, as there is more stuff coming, some of it the same shows with the next episodes, so if it's not trying to clear space, I need to watch so I will know what's going on. The only time I have to do stuff with the tv is when most people are asleep. I'm sorry for this, but it's been the way of things for 11 years now, and everyone knows it.

It's not like I go out there, make tons of noise, and blast the tv. I mute my laptop, I turn the tv way down so I can at least hear what's going on. If they don't like it, they didn't have to come here.

All I've heard all day is bitching about I better not do it tonight. Sad to say, and I've told them this, there will be more of the same. Not only is it me watching stuff to get it out of the way, but it's also Jason having supper.

And I'm ranting here so I don't have to do it in reality, because I certainly get their viewpoint and know where they're coming from, but damnit, this isn't a new situation. =P

Also, she's the same sister that kept me up all day a few weeks back, so I made a point this morning when she bitched that she should keep this in mind the next time she wants to throw dogs on my bed.

"Well, it's not my fault you stay up all night!" To which I responded as I only could, "Well, it's not MY fault that you stay up all day."

Sad situation, but I gotta do what I gotta do. =P If I wasn't playing convention catch up, I might've been able to manage something, but... I've done my best to be considerate, and she just continues to bitch. Of course, she was bitching from the moment she got here, so that's no surprise.

Hate feeling like I'm whining, but I needed the release...

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