Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Blud and Guts

Ok, I've not completely enjoyed this series, and it was WAY too padded, but I still had some huge geeky moments outta this.

I've been a fan, one of a few, of Dan Jurgens Armageddon 2001 stories from 15 years ago, and know well the story that Captain Atom was the original plan to have turned into Monarch at the end of the run, but that leaked to the internet, making DC quickly rearrange plans to have it turn out to be Hawk instead, which not many people really cared for.

So, I was very happy, and bouncy, to see, at long last, (Comma abuse!) a radiation-leaking Captain Atom being stuck into a suit of armour to contain the leaks that was a dead ringer for the Monarch armour. Bonus points for having the story be drawn by Jurgens. I'm sure he's pleased at this too.

Hopefully someone does something with this, because I wanna read the further adventures of Monarch.

And quick, someone dig up Waverider, because I wanna see him go nuts over this.


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