Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Photoblog: Assorted Rutland Pics

There's a story behind this. I'm sure most folks in the US are familiar with the "Big K-Mart" stores, and a few years ago when our K-Mart grew and became a Big K, they ever so briefly had a large, normal sized logo on their giant store front, but the bizarre zoning laws of Vermont disallow store signs having individual elements any larger than a certain size, at least as far as I understand it. So, they got a new, teeeeny tiny logo! And it's always cracked me up that they're stuck with this small logo stuck in this huge space. I've wanted to grab a picture of it for years, and share with my friends.

Smoke from a fire off in the distance. Does this need further explanation for why I took it?

This is an old office building/clocktower in downtown Rutland in a more or less historical part of town I've always loved, and thought would make for a nice picture. Sadly, the sun was off to the side and in front, rather than more behind me, so the image was a little more overexposed than I wanted. I would have liked to have the nice, bright blue sky in the background, instead of washed out by the morning sun.


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