Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

More Pain

Sci Fi has announced that it has picked up Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada's Painkiller Jane for 22 hour-long episodes, due to debut in January on the network. Production on the new episodes is slated to begin in Vancouver next month, and due to premiere on Sci Fi in January, with syndication slated to begin in the fall of ’07. The cast for the series version of Painkiller Jane has yet to be finalized. Emmanuelle Vaugier starred as Jane in the film version, but there’s no word as to whether or not the actress will return to the role for the series.

As Newsarama reported last year, the Sci Fi movie version of the character was slightly different from the one created by Quesada and Palmitiotti for use in comics, swapping out the organized crime and NYPD angle of Jane Vasko’s origin for Special Forces and an anti-narcotics raid in Sovetskoye, a town in the Russian Republic of Chechenia. And now, it appears that there will be another slight change, given Sci Fi’s description of the show:

Painkiller Jane is the story of Jane Vasko, a young researcher trying to make a difference as the world faces its greatest drug addiction epidemic. When Jane catches wind of a budding conspiracy, and a secret research program within her corporation, she turns DEA informant. Thus threatening to expose corruption within one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, Jane becomes a target. However, she is accidentally exposed to an experimental 'cure' that renders her impervious to sickness and injury but not pain. Unfortunately for Jane, these powers come at a price: she has less than a month left to live before the cure's unstable nature overtakes her. Jane continues to develop new abilities. After each injury, she heals stronger than she had been. But the pain remains and intensifies as she races to turn the tables on her pursuers, and save her own life.

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