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And not just my zombified ones...

Anyone out there any good with cryptic crossowrd style clues? I'm not bad, but my brain is churning, and my eyes have glazed over. This actually isn't for a crossword, and I *think* each clue forms another word or words in a full sentence or two.

Breed of cat mixes with complaintiff to address gathering. Buffy's weapon misses its first arrest. Everything is in malls' interior. Political opponent sounds aristocratic, loses. Number of jury members begin negotiation after nap. Evil, dead hero joins bad, exsanguinated rush. First triquadrifid animal found inside armory. Communication found in sublet terrace. Magician retires to pursue study of hermeneutics. Beheaded sabers are parts of speech? Army's foresightful advance prevents delay. Sounds like tavern interior. Confusing act again follows last part of computer command. Famous misquotation attributed to former secretary revised. After initial chaos, reversed bullets pause. Doctor's attempt to strychninize is a qualified success. Next chicken follows first turkey. Computer programmers unfaithfully follow instruction in book. Professor at forefront of astrobiology dismissed after provocative lecture. Novel commercial follows crazy television medical drama. Every pain is mixed-up. No one can redistribute supplies in village center. Famous archaeologist covers up heliographic drawings. Alley in Harry Potter meets Bundy or Roker, but not head-on. Movie monster rampaged, people gesticulated wildly. Birthstone endlessly altered era.

I've gotten a few of them, I think.

"Everything is in malls' interior." is all.
"Number of jury members begin negotiation after nap" is dozen.
"Communication found in sublet terrace" is letter.
"Sounds like tavern interior" could be ever.
"Alley in Harry Potter meets Bundy or Roker, but not head-on" is diagonal.

Feel free to dispute any of those.

"Beheaded sabers are parts of speech?" is words
"First triquadrifid animal found inside armory" I'm thinking is ram. "Triquadrifid" leads me towards 12. Twelve animals, zodiac, Ares the ram.
"Buffy's weapon misses its first arrest" Take.
"After initial chaos, reversed bullets pause." comma
"Birthstone endlessly altered era" eon
BIG maybe... "Novel commercial follows crazy television medical drama" is read.


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