Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

BSL - Long Post


Got a call from the phone company today, complaining about my recent usage of the DSL line.

Since getting it, they occasionally call and get in a snit, because they only allow 5 GBs of data transfer.

To which, frankly, I say bite me. In this day and age, with more and more full-scale content, and HD around the corner, if not here online already, five gigabytes is a measly amount, and IMO, increasingly unreasonable to expect people to stick to.

Even if I stick to just chatting and web browsing, I can piss through a gigabyte a week. Easily. Images are getting bigger, sites are getting more content-heavy, and less text, and this was a longer than usual month. Hells, I can use up half a gig in a month just by sleeping. AIM and Yahoo, and NudgeNudge (My bot on IRC) can rack up the megs over the course of those few hours, just idling and checking back with their servers and such.

The real kicker of it? It's all legal content. Absolutely, 99% legal.

Being back on a real computer, I wanted to get back into Anarchy Online, which I'd jumped on a few years ago, but then my nice PC blew up on me. That was an 800 meg download, via BitTorrent, so make that a gig right there. Plus, Call for Help went live with it's legally available episodes, and I purchased one. At 400 megabytes there, plus I downloaded it again in a different, only slightly smaller format, as I was trying to convert it to a format I could put on a CD-R and play on the tv in the living room, because my mother enjoys the show. Go figure.

To get THAT to work, I decided to try the newest version of Nero, and that was another few hundred megs, after I'd also tried their ShowTime video player earlier in the week.

So, I had a heavy week of unusual downloading activity.

Even so, I rarely just do just websurfing and chatting. I'm downloading podcast and vidcasts of stuff like Diggnation, This Week in Tech, DLTV, Penn Radio, the Daily Giz Wiz, Ask a Ninja, Happy Tree Friends...all of which is available to anyone who can get it.

An ISP setting such a low transfer limit these days really needs to start rethinking things. Offering it is like saying, "Here's your satellite dish, with all the channels enabled, but you can only watch NBC and FOX!" Or, giving a person broadband, but saying they can only use it to view text really really fast, because that's the only way you won't overshoot that limit on a regular basis.

At the very least, they ought to reconsider the cap. Leaving the limit the same for the past six years, while the internet has done nothing but grow and become more robust, is just dumb. Rather like the minimum wage remaining the same, while the cost of living skyrockets. Now, I'm not *entirely* against one, they just need to reevaluate the ceiling. 10GB would be a fair compromise, I think.

They hit me about once a year to wag a finger at me and say "No!", so I'm not overly concerned, it's just seeming increasingly silly as the web moves forward, and they stay in the year 2000.


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