Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Weed Whacking

DC is giving Guy Gardner a two-issue double-sized miniseres this fall, by Howard Chaykin.

I've given Howard a lot of crap over the years for his hand in the Mutant X series, and stomping on Cable a few years back with the Soldier X nonsense, as well as a few other things over the last few years that just made my eyes roll...

But this? This sounds cool. The guy, Guy. Anyone willing to keep the bowl haircut and take it seriously gains major points in my book.

It will also be nice to see Warriors bar again, and Guy being Guy. ;) Heck, anyone willing to take a stab at trying to sort out Guy's "Warrior" days continuity and make it work gets a tentative thumbs up.

And yes, there's G'Nort.

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