Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Le Memeage

LJ Interests meme results

  1. babylon 5:
    Simply, in my opinion, one of the greatest science fiction shows out there, if not of all genres. Yeah, that's a pretty heady statement, I know. But it had a story that knew where it was going from day one, actually got there, and we actually got to see characters grow, change, and move on over time. Was it perfect? No, but what is?
  2. barbara gordon:
    The best Batgirl. Grew from a typical female character of the sixties, into a strong, smart, independent woman, who overcame a disability. A great, classic character.
  3. broccoli people:
    They're tasty! This is a reference to the classic X-Men story "Dark Phoenix Saga" where Jean Grey goes a little nuts, eats a sun, and kills several billion aliens that look a lot like broccoli.
  4. chuck austen sucks:
    Chuck "I hates wimmin" Austen is just a sheer travesty upon comicbooks. The man wrote, bluntly, some of the worst, most damaging X-Men stories to ever come around, and that's saying a lot. More people need to know he sucks.
  5. coffee:
    The finest drink known to man. Yummy, and fuels the soul, all in one mug.
  6. irc:
    I live on IRC. It is my main source of life and communication. It saddens me to watch all my rooms atrophying to nothingness.
  7. jeremiah:
    One of the few shows I would rank right up there with Babylon 5, and in many ways, I actually say it's stronger, certainly stronger than the first or fifth seasons of B5 were. Not coincidentally, by the same creator as B5.
  8. redheads:
    Oh, how I love the redheads. Let me count the ways. Blondes are just so...commonplace. Everyone loves blondes. I wanted something a little different from the average, and redheads are constantly getting short shrift in the like department. You never hear someone saying "I beat him like a blonde haired stepchild," do ya?! Also, with my vision issues, redheads tend to stand out in the crowd and catch my eye, which is always the first step.
  9. the wotch:
    A comic by some friends of mine, starring a version of me as one of the main trio of characters. Of course I love it.
  10. writing:
    One of the few things I'm arguably good at. Technically good at, at least. I can form sentences, spell, and even properly apply the shift key, and even punctuate! I'm not quite so good at crafting stories. I'm working on that, though. ;)

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

Was a little broken for me, and I had to beat the code/trick the quiz a little. Would've just been easier to grab 10 randomly and writing it all myself, but once I had the above done, I figured I'd make what I had work.


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