Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Less Lost Reruns

Good news, after a fashion.

"We really wanted to just say to the audience, 'Listen, it's going to be on for this block here and then we'll bring it back and it will run straight through,'" explains ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson. "So yes, the plan is that Lost will come on in the fall in the first or second week of the season, run for seven episodes and then Day Break will launch into that period and Lost will come back in January or early February and run straight through for the remainder for the season."

I'm for it.

Although with a show like this, reruns can be handy. But I've really enjoyed my Jack Bauer Power Hour going unbroken straight through, and limiting the interruptions on Lost will be most welcome.

You know, maybe mix up the way things are done a bit, and basically do two half seasons. 13 episodes in the fall, and 13 in the winter. I'd love to see more shows go that route, and have other shows air during the 'rerun' periods.


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