Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Stargate tidbits.

And I just have to share the following quote directly.

“I have to go blow up a planet!” declares Amanda Tapping with glee as she bursts from the door of Bridge Studios/Stage Six here, where Sci Fi Channel is shooting scenes for episode 200 of Stargate SG-1.

MGM has big plans. Executive vice president Charles Cohen (see related story) says MGM “intends” to develop a theatrical movie “derived from the series over the last 10 years” that would ideally “dovetail” into a third Stargate television show.

Theatricals would “not in any way impair” SG1's television run, he asserts. He believes it's possible for three Stargate series to air concurrently, not unlike the Law & Order franchise. “If you look at SG-1 — with bringing in Claudia [Black], Ben [Browder] and Beau [Bridges] — we've retooled the series with it still being SG-1. I'd like to see SG-1 go another 10 years. I love the show. I'd like to keep it on forever and keep adding to it.”

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