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Marvel Randomness.

From the latest AtR, Marvel's latest random teamup.

A few months ago, we heard a rumor that Joseph Michael Linsner was working on something for Marvel. Further information on that front was hard to come by, but we now know exactly what the project is… a three issue Black Cat/Wolverine miniseries called Claws.

Joining Linsner on this one is the writing duo of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. The story finds Black Cat and Wolverine kidnapped and trapped together on a remote island, while being tracked down by hunters armed with high tech weapons that can take out “anything”, even Wolverine…

The first issue is expected to hit in August. Between this miniseries and her membership in the upcoming Heroes for Hire, it looks like Marvel is giving Black Cat a serious promotional push, which reminds me of the way that Spider-Woman and Ms. Marvel were positioned for their new ongoing titles. So I won’t be too shocked if Marvel has similar plans for the Black Cat…



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