Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


TheWolfOfAsgard: Any plans to do something with Magik/Illyana?
Mike Carey: Magik - not in the near future, although I do know there's going to be a story in one of the other X-books soon that has a bearing on her fate (although I won't say any more than that).

Rossignol: What kind of hope do Rogue/Gambit fans have for the future?
Mike Carey: Gambit and Rogue will meet again during my run - I promise you that. But it's going to be very hard for them to get together again any time soon. You'll see why.

twilight: Mike, can you spill the beans on any classic FF foes you and Pasqual are Ultimatizing?
Mike Carey: You know we're using Thanos, right? I think he appears in some of the promotional art, as does Ronan the Accuser.

Ultimate Thanos and Ronan? Oh, be still my heart. XP

And on this I just go "Bwah?!"

Cayman: Would your Firestorm book have been about the Jason Rusch character or the Ronnie Raymond one?
Mike Carey: My Firestorm was a different take again. It had six entities merging to make the new Firestorm.
twilight: Was one a dog?
Mike Carey: Was one a dog??? No, but oddly enough, one was a cat - truth.
Cayman: Was it Power Girl's cat?
Mike Carey: There was a cat, a dead guy, an artificial intelligence, and three others.

Woohoo! Acknowledgement of the Weinberg run of Cable!

Washout: In "X-Men," will you mention Cable and Rogue's meeting in the past in which Cable saved her life?
Mike Carey: Yes.


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