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Picadilly Sand Farewell.

Just thought I'd share these lyrics. I'm listening to the song currently. It's one of those tunes with really sad lyrics, sung acapella, but surrounded by jaunty, happy music. Makes for an interesting tune.

The Picadilly Sand Farewall
Ron Hynes/Emile Benoit SOCAN
/Merrily Kissed The Quaker Trad.

It's so lovely to walk along
The warm sand together
Hand in hand with the one
You love on summer's day
As we stroll by the gently
rollin' waters I remember
Promises we made and things we had to say

I knew a day would come
When I'd have to go away
To a far and distant shore
And love would have to stay

So farewell to yesterday
Perhaps there'll be another
Who will wash away your tears
And take you by the hand
And farewell to all kinds of true lovers
Who were soft as the waves
Upon the summer sand
Love's a broken wing,
Love's a candle in the rain
Love will will pass away,
Love will always come again

Let the guns roar, let the drums all go a rollin'
Here ever after I'll do all I can
But I will remember tender kisses stolen
I remember laughter, on the Picadilly sand.

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