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New Shows

So, I purchased some DVD sets a few months ago, and have finally gotten around to 'em. Since these two shows were purchased to shut up on the reccomendations of many of my friends here, I figured I owed you my thoughts on them.

Veronica Mars: Finished the first season, and while the first episode felt a little rough, those issues were ironed out pretty quickly. Everyone was finding their feet, and the editing just seemed really off. There wasn't much of a 'flow' to the episode. I wonder if this is more to do with the episode on DVD being an extended edition, with some added footage that didn't quite go together, or if the feeling was there in the aired version. The mystery unravelled very well over the course of the season, peeling back layers at just the right speed to keep us interested but not overwhelm things, and as in real life, often the mystery can't be solved until a single piece of information is stumbled across, almost completely at random. The characters are nicely dimensional, especially as the season goes onward, but you see hints of those shadings even early on. These sort of shows usually aren't to my liking, as I've rambled elsewhere, since I don't want too much reality in my tv, and most mystery shows are pretty interchangeable, but this show isn't another L&O where you can tune in whenever, and it's not really about the characters. VM is very much about the characters involved, and they grow and change as the series continues. This helped me to really come to like the show. And, they had (Don't Fear) the Reaper in the pilot, so more bonus points. ;)

Battlestar Galactica: This...well, I like it, let me get that out there right off. Not as much as I'm enjoying Veronica Mars though. I still have a handful of episodes to go, though, so that may change shortly. The show is well written, and acted, but I maintain some of my early criticisms I had while watching a few bits of the mini when it first add. A number of the sets seem quite cheap, and hurt the production values overall, in my opinion. Not enough to kill the show for me, but when the sets look like something borrowed from original Trek, or Doctor Who, it can be a bit of a bother. My other issues are similar to those I had with the first season of Carnivale (Also with Ronald D. Moore, interestingly enough...), and that is the show seems to be going nowhere fast, a lot of the time. There's a lot of mysteries, a lot of hints, but nothing is really played out and teased over the course. Things are dropped in, and never brought up again (Yet). The pacing suffers a bit because of this. Another issue is the early episodes, it felt like you were dropped into just random 45 minute chunks of their lives, missing out on the beginning if what's going on, and I felt like I had to play catchup, and missed the first reel of the show. This was most evident to me in "33". They drop you right into the action, with no real carrying onward from the mini, which had me taking a few moments to get settled in. I don't like when shows handhold the audience every step of the way, but a *little* bit is nice from time to time. ;) Overall, the show has improved since those early episodes, and many of the characters have grown on me, but while the show is good, it could be better, and certainly isn't the best SF series ever, as many have hailed it. It's up there, but there's quite a few ahead of it, in my opinion.

VM definitely has me hooked, and BSG has me intrigued enough and enjoying the show that I'm in for the long haul, or until they do something dumb, but it's not as much as an addiction as the Veronica, which is a bit of an interesting turnaround, considering my usual tastes in shows.

And both shows are flawed in one major respect.

Needs more redheads. =D


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