Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

And the Stupid Keeps Burning

I just got hit with this, apparently some people are not that quick. This is in relation to my April Fool's joke you can read about back here if you missed it.

Another Jason That is not Me: Jason Grey: why no Shades of Grey update?
Me: OtherJason: We actually got a few people to look there for an update earlier. ;D
OJ: heh
OJ: I just got up
OJ: so I decided it was time to check comics for updates
OJ: (and yours says saturday updates....
Me: I was tempted to actually put up a new image, “What is wrong with you? I SAID APRIL FOOLS!”
OJ: Jason Grey: is the entire comic an april fools?
Me: Yes. There is no spin off. Twas all a joke.

*sniffsniff* I smell brain cells firing, captain!


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