Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Battlestar Delayedica?

For those of you already stocking up on popcorn and beverages for this friday's 90 minute season two finale of "Battlestar Galactica", which we've already done a thorough job spoiling right here, this might not be the news you'd like to hear. For reasons that that still are a bit murky the show will break ranks with the two "Stargates" and the tripple Sci-Fi Channel whammy on Friday nights.

Production on the third season will commence in April in Vancouver, Canada. But the word is that it will not begin airing until October, four months behind the usual schedule.

There are mutterings that one reason could be that parent network NBC is considering lifting the critically acclaimed show from the smaller niche channel to NBC proper, as there's a dearth of promising new shows in the pipeline, according to SyFy Portal.

I've yet to get into the show *looks at the DVDs he has yet to watch, but soon...*, but that is definitely a bummer. Bigger exposure would be good, if it took off, and it would reach a wider audience, one would hope, but...

Is anyone really going to jump into a 'new' NBC show, starting its third season?


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