Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Questions I Dread Receiving

"If I send you this photo, will it still be on my computer?"

Especially when just waking up. XP

Oh, how I love having to listen to other people get their computer working. Since they end up talking to the computer more than moe, and with many "I have no idea"s.

I've told them several times, the computer is infested with viri and spyware, format and reinstall. I've got zero clue what programs their using, so can only help generally and not specifically, and keep getting asked every few seconds, "is the file there yet?" drives me absolutely bugshit.

And another favourite question, "What's the filename? Is that the name of the file?"

And thinking just typing in the name, not the extension, or the path of the file, will magically make it send.


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