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Before anyone gets worried, nothing is wrong. I just find it handy to scream once in awhile.

Although, I must admit hating to be able to see life as a giant chessgame. Real chess I suck at. I'm oddly good at lifechess.

In other news, my brain is humming, and I'd kinda like to sleep.

The book (Purgatory/Oubliette as it's currently known in my brain) is about to come to a boil. It has to be started soon. This has now gone to an actual imperative. I think the brain will explode or go to goo if I don't.

I want this past week's comics.

I have plots for stuff to do with Beth when we meet (No, not THAT, normal stuff you can do in public. NO!).

Wish I had gotten down to TN for Epona's graduation. It was a year ago this weekend when I was down there for BodiceCon. A..a lot of things came out of that weekend. It may actually qualify as a defining moment of my existence.

The RPG... Got distracted from that recently, I'll probably be back on track soon. Dk, put the bat down.

For some reason, my webcomic has cropped back up in the ideas bin. Better character ideas, a potential webhost (Headaches? Don't get 'em. Challenges are fun.), maybe a new name, since something close has already been grabbed, and I'm picky and anal like that. Just need to work on the art a bit more.

Tonight, the X-Files season finale.

*sigh* I don't want to wait until September to meet Beth. Plus it has that "doomed" feeling from the start. Something as silly as climate preferences. I'm not worrying to much about that yet. I'm persuasive, and will worry about that bridge when it becomes a real issue. Until then, I plan. And enjoy what there is now.

What more is there?

After going through like three songs writing this...

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