Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Legion Tidbits

On that front, many questions were asked about characters who will appear in Legion. Wildfire will be appearing in issue #15, as well as the three characters on the cover, and a new character will appear in issue #18. There has been much talk of Shikari from the last incarnation of the Legion appearing. Kitson seems to be against Bouncing Boy at this time, although Waid loves him and Matter-Eater Lad.

In coming issues we’ll be getting into why Braniac 5 seems to have so much anger. The rest of the Legion doesn’t know he has the body of Dream Girl, but he has an amazing plan and the plotline will get to the core of his rage. This will be a big part of year two in the book, in issues #16-18 readers will be getting a sense of this.

Waid is less comfortable with the magic side of the Legion, even though Mordru is one of his two favorite villains (along with Composite Superman). When asked if he’ll be touching on some of those elements, he said he would have to speak to Kitson. Waid made it sound as though his avoidance of it has been almost subconscious, but Wacker pointed out the set-up of Princess Projectra as being an exception.

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