Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

So, Wal-Mart got back to me after I asked for my items to be reshipped out.

They gave me a big fat no, but said I was more than welcome to place the order again! Unfortunately, the sales prices are no longer in effect.

My reply, which I'm goint to sit on for a while before sending.

No, I don't think so.

You people took my money, you placed my order, you sent my order. I was NEVER contacted about this not being able to come to my house. YOU screwed up, you should never have approved the order, or even shipped it out. I would have provided an alternate address, or used another form of shipping, if even one voice or note had popped up to say, at any time, that PO Boxes were no-nos. I did everything I was supposed to do.

I want these items, and I want them at the prices I paid for them initially. I am tired of being nice to you and DHL. You both screwed up, and never made any attempt to contact me and fix this. I have been increasingly upset over this whole fiasco. The package should have been here well over a week ago, and my repeated emails to both places were either outright ignored, or brushed aside with calming platitudes or form letters, until my package was already back at your doorstep. Rather than instantly refunding my money, for a returned item I did not approve of being returned, since it never reached my door, you should have contacted me THEN, at the absolutely latest, to arrange another form of shipping.

If your shipping company does not take packages that go to PO Boxes, you DON'T SEND THEM OUT. You get a proper address, instead of throwing them out the door, with the assumption, nay GUARANTEE that they will see the item in a few days. This error was only compounded by the treatment I received up until finding out my package was returned without even attempting a delivery or trying to contact me.

I am perfectly willing to correct my mistake in this matter, and pay at the advertised prices at the time of my original purchase. You should be more than willing to correct your error, and honour a sale made with your company. You made no attempt to tell me before purchasing that the item could not be shipped to the address given, quite readily taking my money, even though you should be quite aware that the package would not reach its destination, nor did you make any attempt to point this out after the fact. Now is the time to fix your site, and your error towards me.

It's fun being a writer and yelling at people. ;)


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