Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

My Next E-Mail to DHL

Mostly done to amuse me in the early AM, while waiting for Wal-Mart to get back to me, after I asked them, "Yo, WTF? I never even got it, how can I return it!"

Why was my package, with tracking number 64015531786 sent back to Wal-Mart?

Why did my package sit in your Williston, VT facility for 7+ days, never leaving it?

Why when I inquire as to why my package, which was paid to be shipped via your "GUARANTEED" 2nd day shipping has been sitting in one location for far, far longer than the shipping I paid for, do I suddenly not get any response to these inquiries, and instead find out from Wal-Mart that my items have been returned?

Why was I never contacted in response to my inqiuires?

Why was the item never even sent to my house?

Why was no attempt made to contact me, if there were problems finding my home? Or before it was blindly returned without making contact with me first?

If these questions can be suitably answered, I may refrain from contacting the Better Business Bureau and reporting DHL and their deplorable business practices.

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