Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Excerpts from a Nicieza Interview

NICIEZA: I don't let it bother me nearly as much as I used to. I figure its all karma. I had my chance to write or edit PLENTY of regular big-selling crossover stories between the X-books, New Warriors the Avengers titles or Nomad, and there were lots of freelancers on the "side" books who would grumble and complain. So, now I'm on the "side" books and it is what it is.

I obviously have no qualms about jumping into a good crossover when it makes sense for my story or title. Sometimes it works better than others. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this "Civil War" story Marvel plans since it sounds like both CDP and Thunderbolts could logically and smoothly tie-in to that story. The truth is, our sales DO go up when we get involved, and for the two titles I work on, that one issue jump always seems to help our overall average when it comes time for the "network executives" to decide if we'll get a six episode "renewal" or not ... so as far as I'm concerned, Bendis and Millar can dial up a mega-event every six months and I'm good to go!


THE PULSE: What else can you tell us about what's coming up in 2006 for Cable & Deadpool?

NICIEZA: "The Domino Principle" storyline I mentioned before is going to be a lot of fun. It will bring back old favorite Domino as she investigates Cable's on-going incursions into a Central European country that was left under the control of Flag-Smasher back in the second Citizen V limited series I wrote. In true CDP fashion of mining the funkiest corners of the Marvel Universe, we will see Citizen V return to duel with Deadpool, while the escalation of events as Cable tries to take over an entire country will bring in the V-Battalion and the New Invaders.

Fun stuff. And best of all, by the time it's done, Cable might be one step closer to his own little Empire!

After that, it's too soon to tell, but we're golden to issue #36, and eventually I'm gonna have to get Deadpool some hot n' heavy sex with a babelicious Marvel superheroine, so that might be as good a time as any.

Let the fans vote -- in his eternal quest for nookie, who should Deadpool bag?

(Wait, Cable getting ahold of a small European country? Why does that sound familiar?? ;))

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