Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


Well now, this is interesting.

From SubCafe:

BrooKiki> I came across an author who is actually charging to access her fan fic... it made me wistful for the good ol' days so I wandered in here.
Foenix> Ha
BrooKiki> Oh, and she claims that fan fic isn't subject to copyright becuase you can't copyright an idea.
BrooKiki> Her work isn't copyright infringement (even though she's making money off of it) because she's invented her own characters and plot. It just happens that the two main charcters are the ones that the original author invented..
BrooKiki> Oh, she she's using that creator's world. But it's her own damn work. *rolls eyes*
BrooKiki> *snorts* She published a book of her fan fic and is selling it for something like 15 dollars.
Andrea13> Oy
BrooKiki> And her legal disclaimer page? "blahblahblahblah" A whole page of it.
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