Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


So, I had to go out and return Episode 3, because no one in my family can seem to get the widescreen versions of things for me... Also had to return and exchange my Frighteners DVD because of a glitch that's becoming increasingly common on Universal's 'flipper' discs, when the disc gets stuck at layer changes. Be warned if you're buying a Universal disc. ;)

Anywho, also picked up the stuff not aquired for me from my list, Fantastic Four and AvP: Unrated edition. Tried to find the Batman Anthology at a sane price, but the only places that had it locally, didn't have it marked down at all, so I grabbed that off of Best Buy's website, with a gift card I got for there, so it all worked out. 13 dollars for eight discs... I can stand owning Batman & Robin at those prices. ;)

And to complete the purchasing spree, I'm grabbing Gargoyles s2, because I don't expect that to ever turn up locally.

And thus, I continue to have a crapload of packages for me floating somewhere across the US.

Comics, APC UPS replacement, DVD a friend had me order (Internet paranoia), BSG season 1...and I feel as if I'm forgetting something.


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