Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

NRAMA: Well, one more on something covered in the press conference, then. While it wasn’t gone into in depth when a question was asked, you (collectively, Marvel) mentioned that you'd be launching a new digital comic book format at soon...

Can you tell us how this will be different than say your previous "dotcomics", and will it be used any differently in terms of marketing than that previous effort.

JQ- We’ll have more news on this as it gets closer, but I think what’s important to note is this, there is a new breed of fan who is going to be looking for their comic fix in a different way and it’s going to happen very soon.

NRAMA: You’re talking about the ones who don’t know the fine distinction between the smell of a new comic versus an old comic, the feel of slick paper versus Mando, Baxter, or newsprint?

JQ- Right. For the longest time I’ve been an advocate that fans will always want the tangible book in their hands, and I came to that feeling because of what I saw as the reading habits of most folks on the net. But recently I’ve been a convert, I’m watching a very young generation of kids who are born into today’s computers and I realized that my take on this was completely selfish and was coming from a point of all that I knew and not what was really happening out there. My generation and those before me found comics on racks, we found them at stores, we found them as marked up collectables or as mylared treasures. So as I discovered them, that is how I prefer them. But there is a time coming, when for some kids the very first time they read a comic they’ll be reading it on their computer or their phone or PDA. That’s what comics will be to them and that number of kids will grow rapidly. Fans ask how we can bring the price of comics down; this is how it may happen.

No print cost, minimal distribution and no shipping. I see comics someday in this format possibly becoming like weekly animation that you just download and read but also watch. The electronics medium is growing so quickly, it won’t be long before we’ll be able to take John Romita’s art and animate it quickly to the point where comics and their stories may come to the public as mini animated movies. Comics will eventually have to adapt to the coming media revolution, so this is just one more step towards that.

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