Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Comics Next Week

Enough to order, but I'm skipping to add it with next week's, to save some shipping costs, plus there's nothing that leaps out "OOh! Read me now!" that I *must* have. Well, Black Cat, but I've waited THIS long, I can wait a few weeks more. Not to say there aren't a few books here I'm really enjoying, I just feel like waiting.

And no X-Factor. =P

Angel Old Friends #1 Messina Cvr
Freshmen #4
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3
Marvel Team-Up #15
Marvel Zombies #1
New Excalibur #2
Outsiders #31
Seven Soldiers Mister Miracle #2
Spider-Man Black Cat The Evil That Men Do #4
Superman #224
Superman Secret Files 2005
Supreme Power Nighthawk #4
Thor Blood Oath #5
What If Captain America Fought In The Civil War
X-Men Colossus Bloodline #4


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