Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

*kicks Quesada in the shin*

NRAMA: From “hhero”: Epic Anthology lasted only 1 issue. My question is, will the continuations of the stories started in there ever see the light of day? Particularly [Robert] Kirkman’s Sleepwalker? Maybe as an OGN or it's own limited series? His take on Sleepwalker seemed like it had a lot of potential and I'd love to see where that story was headed, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.”

JQ: Wazzup, “hhero”. Most likely not unless Robert intends on doing it in Team-Up. I got to be honest with you, Sleepwalker is right up there with Black Talon and Geldoff in my book. Not so much for his look but for what the hell was Marvel thinking when it came up with his name.

“Hey guys, lets put to words together that will assure not to instill excitement in our fans. Hmmm, okay how about ‘Sleep’, yeah ‘Sleep’ is good. ‘Sleep Runner’! No, no, running implies energy, excitement. Wait, I got it! ‘Sleep Walker! Yeah, that’s it. ‘Sleep Wal[yawn]’, ‘Sleep Wa[YAWN]’ … excuse me guys I need a nap.”

Yeah, and "Ash" is such an exciting, awe-inspiring name for a character. There are some fans of the character, Joe, myself being one of them (And there are more, damnit). And if you weren't so busy mocking things that can make you money, maybe you'd notice that Sleepy is indeed appearing in MTU next issue. Or were you too busy napping to know what's going on in your own damned part of the company?

Silly, strange, and just odd names are part of the fun of comics. A word does not a good or bad comic make. The quality within the pages can overcome most issues a person has with odd titles. See X-Treme X-Men, often mocked as the dumbest title ever, but actually a pretty decent book, and with good sales for most of its run. Let's not mock one of the conventions of comicbooks, or we gotta go all the way back to the Human Torch.


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