Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Sam to the Max

>> What is the nature of Telltale’s relationship with Steve Purcell and Sam & Max?

Telltale has reached an agreement with Steve Purcell to take Sam & Max forward into the 21st century with a series of new releases. This agreement is wide ranging, so you will likely see content in expected (interactive PC game in 2006) and un-expected places (a garish tattoo on Grandma’s neck?)

>> Will games be episodic?

You will certainly see a series of episodic PC games. Sam & Max will likely appear in other places as well. Perhaps in entertainment formats not yet imagined by our fragile little brains. Perhaps, … Circle-vision!… Or not.

I know there's fans out there, I can hear you breathing...


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