Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

National Pride

Newest article to come up for me in NationStates, and not one I've seen, or one I don't recall ever seeing before. Guess which option I picked? ;)

The Issue

A recent anti-government rally by highly disgruntled teens has brought a previously minor issue to the fore- should people be permitted to burn United Phoenicia's flag, or should it be a crime?
The Debate

1. "We should be able to burn the flag as a sign of protest. I say ignore those crazy red-blooded fanatics who won't let us! After all it's because we are a tolerant nation that we should allow it!" says Chastity Johnson, civil rights activist, while trying to wave a burning flag without lighting anybody nearby on fire.

2. "Burning should be allowed for everything! Down with the pig cops and their repressive regime!" says well-known anarchist and arsonist Chastity Jefferson, from the comfy and non-flammable confines of a prison cell. "Burn! Burn burn burn! Everything! Kyahahaha!"

3. "These barbarians are suggesting burning the flag of our glorious nation as if it were a piece of scrap cloth! First it's burning the flag, and before you know it, it's rebellion and anarchy!" Anne-Marie Washington scowls, "Flag burning should be punishable by jail terms and a good flogging."

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