Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Memory is Something That Happens to Other People

So, watching Lost with parents, and we're watching the "previously on" clip, and my mother wants to know about the other plane they found on the island, since she has zero recollection of the Major Plot Device from last season. At all. Nor does she remember how many went on the raft, or who half the characters are most of the time.

Flashback comes on, Jack makes his cameo, and I point him out as he rushes past, "Who's Jack?"

"...The doctor."

"The doctor? *pause* On the island? On this show?"

...No, some other completely random show. XP

Edit: She's counting the Rafties, "There's only three, who's the fourht?' "Walt, the kid." "But he's not there!!" "That's because he was captured." "By who???"


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