I Have the Dark Power

Trisk kicks off the month of fools with a new review for a flick called The Dark Power.

It's a bit of a mess, takes too too long to get going, and some uncomfortable racism.  But it had potential.  Oh, and Lash LaRue as a ranger with a whip.,  Because why not?

Check out my review!


Nicole and Stitch

Trisk has a new in depth review up, for an odd little no budget Full Moon flick called Stitches.

A demon infests a lodging house, and convinces the residents to give over their souls to them.

It's an example of a solid idea, creative idea, but just didn't have the money and time to pull it off right.



Rift World

Trisk has a new review up, and I go in depth to the deepest depths of the ocean with The Rift!

A brand new nuclear sub has gone missing, and engineer Jack Scalia is called in to find it, along with Captain R. Lee Ermey and tech nerd Ray Wise.

So what happens when they find new life that's out for their blood?  Read my words and find out.