Cyber Sucks

Trisk's final review of 2020 is up, and it's a cheesy slice of scifi about a cop chasing down rogue cyborgs.  It's like Blade Runner, but minus everything good.  It's called Cybernator, and it's cheesy and silly.

Check it out!

Gut Check

Trisk is updated with my latest in depth look, a little flick called Gutterballs.

This movie is...rough.  A comedy should never have this much assault.

I want to like this movie, because once you get past that stuff, there is some creative, fun stuff...but it is so hard to watch.


The Title Says it All

Trisk is updated with the first review of November, and...this one is a doozy.  It's called Super Hell.

And it is a bunch of barely coherent nonsense that I cannot look away from.  Is it good?  Is it bad?  What is it?

I'm still not sure.  But it sure does exist.

Click on in and read my words.


There's Always a Channel...

Trisk hits its 11th anniversary today, and I took a look at the most appropriately named anthology movie, Channel 13.

It's a lost movie that the Polonia Brothers made in the late 80s, got stuffed unfinished into a bag, and rediscovered a few years ago, and completed.  How does it turn out?  Click on in and see!